Ultra-lightweight camouflage net system (ulcans)

The ability to conceal and protect U.S. forces against multi-spectral sensor threats, enemy targeting systems, and combatant surveillance is a critical and essential capability on the modern battlefield.

Major Benefits




Near IR





Compacted Size

Water Repellent

Fire Retardant

ULCANS Increment I

Next generation Ultra-lightweight camouflage net system

Ultra-Lightweight Camouflage Net System (ULCANS) Increment I is the Army’s formal program of record that provides these critical camouflage and concealment capabilities.”

Sophia kit

the only multispectral diy system

The Sophia offers users unprecedented versatility in the field without the need for compromise. With enough surface area to conceal a full size APC, the Sophia is designed to be affixed to the side of any vehicle for quick and easy access and contains approximately 33 running yards of multipurpose, multispectral material to be cut and used as the need arises while already in the field.

over half a century of experience in the field

Fibrotex brings vast knowledge from operational presence in the field generating a bank of environments converted into unique patterns.

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Static product line

The multispectral camouflage systems from Fibrotex provide extensive electro-optical and electro-magnetic protection for special forces and various platforms.

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