effective signature management system

While it is known that the human operator produces a distinct multispectral signature, they are not the only factor to consider. Facing multispectral threats across the electromagnetic and optic bandwidths, the signatures of each piece of equipment, including the user’s clothing, weapons, communication systems, etc., must also be accounted for. To evade detection, each of these components must also be disguised for a signature management system to truly be effective.

Major Benefits




Near IR





Compacted Size

Water Repellant

Fire Retardant

the noa kit

cutting edge personal modular camouflage

Fibrotex presents the Noa system: both an individual and multi-operator solution, both static and mobile, multi-zone, multi-purpose, multi-spectral, and fully protective of the operator and their equipment. Typically used as a coverall poncho while on the move, the Noa can also be quickly interconnected to become a larger system as needed. Additionally, due to the perforated net structure, you can see and use sensors from the inside looking out without risking detection.

individual product line

Unmatched quality and battlefield-proven technology are the foundations of Fibrotex. Our personal camouflage equipment offers multispectral concealment for you and your team, contributing to the life-saving protection you deserve

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