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Full wave length protection

While it was enough to conceal oneself against visual devices in the past, we are now obligated to protect and conceal ourselves & our assets throughout the electro-optic & electromagnetic wavelength UV, VIS, NIR, SWIR, TIR and RADAR to allow our forces to regain undetectability once again.

Fibrotex’ Golden Camouflage Triangle (GCT)

For static, mobile and individual providing the operators with a holistic solution that will protect both the individuals & the platform both static & mobile!

While it is known that the human operator produces a distinct multispectral signature, they are not the only factor to consider. Facing multispectral threats across the electro-optic & electromagnetic bandwidths, the signatures of each piece of equipment, including the user’s clothing, weapons, communication systems, etc., must also be accounted for.
The ability to conceal and protect U.S. forces against multi-spectral sensor threats, enemy targeting systems, and combatant surveillance is a critical and essential capability on the modern battlefield.
Understanding that a holistic signature management solution is providing the ability to be undetected always and everywhere, that it is no longer sufficient to conceal platforms only while they are static but the necessity to make sure their mobility on the way to its position is not detected and making sure that once positioned not only the platform itself is protected but also the individual soldier working around the platform is understanding the already existing operational need.
Lightweight & Modular
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