Multi-Purpose Camouflage Net

With a container that  is small by size, compact and very light-weight, the new kit “Sophia” holds within the next generation of 2D, Reversible,  ultralight,  multispectral, multipurpose net.

Provided with more than 30 running meters of our new “crushed” 2D  reversible ultralight net and built-in cutting system, our operators will be able to decide for the first time in the field what size & shape of system they need.


More information on this product can be found in press coverage here.


Modular Camouflage Systems

Fibrotex provides highly customizable modular camouflage solutions  with electrooptical and electromagnetic protection for ground and maritime applications.

Modular Camouflage System

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Design Specs

  • 2-Dimensional lightweight system
  • Reversible print – enabling one system to camouflage two different environments (urban / woodland / desert / snow)
  • Camouflages up to 6 team members
  • Allowing full operational activities – soldiers can observe and track through the net while remaining undetected from the outside
  • Deployed easily by 2 team members within just 4 minutes
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Protective against all known sensor threats, including: UV, Visual, Near-IR, SWIR, Thermal, and Radar (Multi Spectral protection).

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Mobile Platforms


Design Specs

  • Maneuverability to any kind of platform
  • Reduces signature in the multi spectral range
  • UV, Visual, Near-IR, SWIR, Thermal, Radar signature
  • Increases crew comfort by heat shield

Fibrotex provides extensive electro-optical and electro-magnetic protection solutions for mobile platforms.

Multispectral Camouflage Systems


Full protection against all known sensor threats, including: UV, Visual, Near-IR, SWIR, Thermal, and Radar.

Design Specs

  • Reversible printing (camouflage for two different environments (urban / woodland / desert / snow)
  • 2-Dimensional lightweight system
  • Excellent visibility inside-out
  • Low storage and easily deployed