Fibrotex USA is excited to offer top of the line Signature Management Systems for the modern battlefield to the US military to provide our armed forces with the protection they deserve. Our multi-spectral products have proven superior concealment capabilities in battlefields around the world. Fibrotex USA products are highly customizable, protecting users from all known sensor detection in any kind of environment. Our lightweight, reversible textiles prevent UV, visual, near-IR, SWIR, thermal, and radar sensor detection. With static and mobile platforms for equipment, individuals, units, vehicles, and posts, there is a Signature Management solution for every circumstance.


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Fibrotex USA’s products save lives and improve operational effectiveness by protecting personnel and equipment in various geographical locations from detection and observation by enemy forces. Fibrotex USA develops its world class solutions by continuous analysis of contemporary conflicts, combining knowledge from field experience together with expertise in the area of unique compounds, ergonomic engineering, and camouflage materials to provide full multispectral signature management solutions, as it has done through thousands of combat operations for more than half a century.

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Fibrotex USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fibrotex Technologies LTD (FTL), a family business. Fibrotex USA is using new production machines and equipment to mirror the unique, vertical production facility in Israel. FTL is a family-owned business originally formed in Europe more than 100 years ago as a producer of textile material for civilian use. FTL thrived and "mastered the ways of textile" as a specialty fabricator and exporter of textile products. The family has maintained ownership and management of the business in its various forms since its founding.

The latest incarnation, FTL has been in the family for nearly six decades. FTL was established in 1965 in Israel as a privately held company to continue the family business of manufacturing specialized textiles. In the early 1970s, the company began to work with the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) to develop a specialized, custom designed, camouflage solution that was revolutionary at that time. Through this effort, the 2-dimensional (2D) reversible camouflage concept was invented. This was FTL’s first foray into the Camouflage, Concealment and Deception (CCD) arena. The company then developed the multispectral systems using the most innovative and advanced technologies and techniques as well as materials in designing and manufacturing sophisticated solutions for the modern battlefield.