Since 1993


Fibrotex has developed and manufactured innovative Signature Management Systems for Armies and Special Forces around the world for more than 50 years. Fibrotex USA is proud to bring high quality, tailor-made Signature Management Solutions for the modern battlefield to the US market in the pursuit of equipping our armed forces with the best protection possible. Our multi-spectral camouflage products have been proven in action around the world and across the electrooptical and electromagnetic spectrum.

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Product Types

Personal Systems

Unmatched quality and battlefield-proven technology are the foundations of Fibrotex USA. Our personal camouflage equipment offers multispectral concealment for you and your team, contributing to the life-saving protection you deserve.

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Stealth Solutions

Ideal for moving and static platforms, the multispectral camouflage systems from Fibrotex USA provide extensive electro-optical and electro-magnetic protection for special forces and a variety of platforms.

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Next-generation combat uniforms and equipment with cutting-edge fabrics and technology make the difference. Fibrotex USA custom-made fightex products offer the ultimate protection to personalized specifications.

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Mobile Platforms

The ultimate concealment solution.

Night Walker

Unseen, unbeaten.


From past operational experience and tomorrow's technology into today's battlefield.